ELMAS — Event Logic Modelling and Analysis Software

Download installation package, examples and other material.

Instructions — Ramentor Extranet

You need to sign in to Ramentor Extranet at first

Please use Ramentor Extranet account to sign in. You can register a new account if you have a personal ELMAS license with your email address attached to it. With student, company site or other non-personal ELMAS licenses the Ramentor Extranet username and password have been sent to you by email or made available some other way.

If you need a license, please contact us by email: license(├Ąt)ramentor.com.

There are two ways to use ELMAS

From this page you can launch ELMAS directly without installation. The newest version of the software will be always launched so the version updates are made automatically.

From this page you can also download ELMAS desktop installation package. By installing the software to your desktop you can launch it without an internet connection. However with the installed desktop version you have to perform software updates manually.

The software requires Java (JRE 8)

ELMAS requires that the JRE 8 is installed to the computer. JRE installation can be done from: http://www.java.com

NOTE: 64-bit Java required when ELMAS is used on a 64-bit operating system. On a 64-bit operating system it is possible to use 32-bit internet browser in which case 32-bit Java is required for the web start and 64-bit Java for the desktop use. Both Java versions can be installed. More information: http://www.java.com/en/download/faq/java_win64bit.xml

User license activation is required

The user license is activated with the help of the Ramentor license manager. The tool opens during the first startup of the software. The needed user name and product key can be found from the license information sent to your email.

With both ways of ELMAS use (the launch from web and the launch after desktop installation) the user license is activated for each computer from where the software is being used. The named user has the right to activate the license for personal use only.

Any other questions or comments?

Please contact us by email: elmas [at] ramentor.com

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